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Wild Earth Afican Safari!!! by Kirsty

In year 5 we are playing this game called Wild Earth African Safari and we wrote about it in literacy, it is a educated game and it is suitable for young and old ages. Although it is a game it also helps us to write our big write reports, it will also improve on our VCOP and we will get used to working together. Our levels have boomed to the top of the roof since we have been playing this game. I would guarantee that this game will improve your writing skills. This game is brilliant because when you get pictures of animals of the internet it looks fake but when you play this game the, animals are moving about and the pictures look real. Ican’t recommend this game because it is so wonderful to the class.     

For this game, we were seperated into five groups out of six. There were photographers which every three minuites we had our turn exploring the African Safari. There were also googlers where if the photographers don’t know for example a warthog they would check it on google and then let the class know, but year5 have been learning about warthogs and we know that warthogs have large shovel shaped heads. Spotters and counters were also one of them where you had to see how many ostriches there were and more different animals. Lastly, there were note takers where they would write any extra or interesting notes that we found out from the narrators whilst playing the game.

The African Safari helped us to write our non-chronological report and our diary entry.  


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Why You Should Use A Wii In Class. Lucy P

In year five we have been playing on a wii game called Wild Earth African Safari.While playing the game not just one person with the controls we had five groups such as ;googlers,photographers,descriptors,counters and spottersand note tackers.

I realley enjoyed doing these activities however,the group I was in didnt get to be photographers but I still enjoyed it. When the class were not playing the game, we did lots of writing about what they did on the wii and what they saw so, if they got chased by a lion, they would write about it.

We did some reasearch about the Serengeti and wrote about it in a report,also we did a diary entry about what we did in the Serengeti wii game and made it seem like real life.When we did our end product of our diary entry on a safari hat made from paper.I realley enjoyed this.

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Why you should have a wii in your classroom. By Amy.

I would just like to say how fun and educational these past few weeks in literacy have been as we have been playing on Wild Earth African Safari on the wii.

We were put into five groups with six people in each. There were the photographers, which had three minutes each to use the remote to look around the safari and when their three minnutes were up, they would go back to their tables. They would write what they have done with their time on safari. Next was the note takers which stopped, listened and watched out for things they could see. If they saw or heard anything intresting, they would jot it down on a piece of A3 paper in their neatest handwriting. The googlers reasearched anything unusual that the photographers needed to know to complete the assingment. We brought the netbooks into class and did the reasearch in the classroom. The descriptors also wrote what they saw using amazing vocabulary, similies, onomatepia and alliteration trying to make it as best as they could. Lastly, there was the spotters and counters. They used a tally chart (which is math skills) to write and count the animals they saw.

These activities allowed us to write plenty pieces of writing such as, non-chronological reports, diary entrys, homework and writing improved sentences about what we have done.

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Wild Earth African Safari.By Caitlin.

Due to the fact we were on Wild Earth African Safari,we had the incredible chance to go on the Wii whilst doing unpredictable writing.We split into five groups of six which were called Photographers,Note Takers, Googlers,Descriptors and Spotters and Counters.

In the Photography group you have three minutes to get as many pictures as possible.They would be put in your recount of what happened.

As you might have guessed Note Takers is naturally taking notes that normally would get ignored.

Although Google is used a lot,Googlers allows you to research any unknown animals that the Potographers need a picture of.

As part of the Descriptors Group,you can take one whole hour if needed to describe the scene every now and again.

In Spotters and Counters you count all the animals you see and record them on a table.

You should use the Wii because it helped me to improve my writing skills and allowed have fun at the same time.The Wii is a game but a learning resorse aswell.

The Wii covers many diffrent subjects other than Litracy.It covers,I.C.T,Maths,Gograthy and other hidden subjects.I can garantee  that if you get Wild Earth African Safari 100% of your class will want to use it and will be fully engaged to thier learning.If I saw or heard of this I would defanetly ask my teacher if we could use it,don’t you agree.


 Thank you for reading my post.

Please comment.






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Why you should have a Wii in your classroom.By Fleur

A few weeks ago our teacher Miss Dackombe, introduced my class to Wild Earth, African safari. this is an educational and fun wii game. It takes you on a safari adventure of a life time in your classroom.

Next,we were split into groups,photographers,notetakers,spotters and counters,googlers and finally descriptors.My favourite was photographers as we were allowed to take control of the remote.I also liked taking photos of all the different animals because it was like seeing them in real life.

I would recommend it to teachers to use in the classroom, as it is fun and educational.

In our class all of our writing has improved ten times more than before, we all like writing because of the wii ( so why dont you!)

In our lessons on the wii we are using ICT, Geography, Literacy and Numeracy. It also gives us ideas about what to write. It will help your class to write.

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African Safari By Aadam

As a result of playing this game,African Safari we learnt about African animals. This game has helped us with our literacy writing and our connectives . Miss put us into 5 groups. The first group was photographer’s they played the game for 3 minutes .Then there were the googlers they googled any  unusual  things.The counters and spotters had to count the animals that they saw in the are the note takers  they took notes about the interesting facts in the game.Finally there are the descriptors they describe the scenery.


This is an amazing  game.Witch teacher would not want this game for there children?Our levels have sky rocketed.





















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Wild Earth African Safari. By Hannah

I realy liked playing on the wii,because it is full of facts and the game ( Wild Earth African Safari) was realy detailed mostly educational.We had five groups called googlers, photogrophers, spoters and conters, notetakers and descripters.The whole class had a go in just a couple of weeks.It is easy to use and the game is full with knowledge mostly educational.African Safari is a good game on the wii espeshaly  if you want to see an animal move like an African Elephant, a lion alsorts.It helps us learn about diffrent topics.

Because we only had one remote, it was inpossible to go on the wii all at the same time. I can’t recomend this game enough. It is extremly fun and icredbley educational there can be no doubt that having a wii in class is necessery because it is so educational and easy for children to use. What could be better then seeing an animal move intread of getting a rough image in your mind?

The wii  is easy to use and fun. When we had finished our first asinment (Which was to take pictures of gigantic African Elephants ) we saw the magzine with the pictures we took. Miss Dacombe is a wonderful thinker to bring the wii into class.

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Wii game african safari By Ismail

A few weeks ago year five played this wii game called Wild Earth African Safari. This game that I played was no ordinary game, it was educational .We  had 5 groups they were called : Googlers , Photographer , Note tackers , Descripters and Counters and spotters.Every group had six people .This is a knowlegable game and is informative .It tells you facts like this one. Did  you know an elephant has 100,000 muscles. At the end of the assignment , they give you an articel which tells you about elephants. Every articel has about diffrent animals.This game boosted me with my descriptive writing.Your children would love it like me.You’ve got to buy it you will like it to.


You teachers out there have got to buy it because your children’s writing will skyrocket just like mine did.This educational game will make your children enthusiastic and they would come every day to school.I assure you that your children would love it and I can promise you they will love it .There can be no doubt that having the wii is necessery because it so educational and easy for children to use.




Wild Earth African Safari By Renee

The Wild Earth African Safari is perfect for schools around the world also very educational . By researching the par on the Internet , we wrote great reports about it . Every group had to write so many paragraphs .

We were split up into five groups of six .  The first group was the Photographers that had control of the Wii remote for three  minutes each . Next was Go0glers who googled up things that came up on the Wii .  After that came the Counters and Spotters who counted the animals that they saw on the Safari. Then came the Descriptors who would describe where we were. Last came the Note Takers that noted down the facts that the narrators said.

After playing the game we wrote amazing  Diary entries. Some of them are on display around the School. A few weeks later, we wrote a report about elephants.

This Wii game covers alot of other subjects than Literacy such as; Geography, Labelling a map of Africa, ICT by going on google and searching for animals and plants. Also, Numeracy by doing tally charts to count up all the animals we saw. In addition, the game is very factual because we learnt a male elephant are called a bull and females are called a cow.

I bet you  and your children will love this and they won’t even know they are learning. So, that is why you should use the Wild Earth African Safari Wii game. 








The wii By kynan

The wii By Kynan

Hello world I’m writing to all the teachers out there to encourage them to use a game console called the wii (pronounced:wee).

A game I would recommend is    <- WILD EARTH AFRICAN SAFARI it is about you going around on a safari and taking pictures for a article. On the way the narrators will tell you how to play.For each assignment there is a article packed full of information such as there is 100,000 muscles in a elephants trunk!Its learning at a new level!Also the narrators will give interesting facts such as you can track a elephant and its age by its waste!

You’re probably thinking it’s all unfair with one person hogging the wii all the time but HA! We thought about that. You can separate them into 5 groups of 6 here they are and what they do: photographers they take 3 minutes each taking the pictures that are needed, descriptors describe the animals and scenery, the note takers take,well, notes of facts that the narrator has announced , the googlers google something that they don’t understand on a net book or laptop (1 beetween 2) ,the spotters and counters spot and count animals and record them on a tally chart.Well its pretty obvious  the wii can get you’er level 3 to a level 5!

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How the Wii changed my writing By LucyB

I would like to tell you what we (year5) have been doing in our Literacy work to do with the educational Wii game we have been playing. I am going to go all the way back to the beginning when we started playing because we have done a lot of writing since then.

As a result to our writing my teacher thinks that we have vastly improved on our writing, and have got lot more enthusiastic about it. While doing this game we have included filling a blank map of Africa. We have also written about the Serengeti using the resources of the Wii game and those were very sucsesful . Also we have written a diary about our Wii progress.

Due to the fact that not all the class could go on the game, we split in to five groups of six to do a variety of activities to do with the game. One of these activities was photographers and they had to look around the environment and take pictures  to complete our assignment. Then they wrote about what they saw and did. We had other groups, for example the Googlers researched any unknown information. Counters and spotters kept a tally chart of animals we had seen. The Note takers wrote down any interesting facts. Finally the Descriptors had to use good vocabulary to describe the settings of the Serengeti.

We then did some work in our homework books. In our homework  we had to pretend that we were the animals in the picture and I think the wii helped me to know facts about it.

Please use the wii to help your children’s writing be even better than it was before. I reccomend this game because it has helped me to think of more ideas and be imaginative. According to my teacher, I have been getting into my work more due to the fact that I want to write. I think this Wii will help your children immensly.


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Why you should use the wii at school. By Fatema.

A few weeks ago our teacher, Miss Dackombe, introuduced my class to a wild earth African safari. This is an educational and fun wii game. It takes you on a safari adventure of a life time in your classroom.

Firstly, we were split into groups, photographers, note takers, descriptors, counters and spotters and finally googlers . My favrouite group was descripters, because I had the chance to decribe and learn.

I also liked photographers, because we explored  places and saw lots of animals.

I have levelled up in my writing, because I  have been writing and describing things. If you want your children to improve there work, you should use safari as well. They will be having fun and improving their work.

They will be very good describers , because on the wii there is lots information so they will learn as well. And every group will be doing something, like counters and spotters, they have to make a tally chart, googlers have to find out facts on the internet,descriptors have to describe what they see, finally photographers who get 3 minutes each to find the animals (as told) and take a picture of them.

You try as well to use Wild Earth African Safari, your kids will also be very good making sentences and describing.



Diary Entry By Matthew

Dear diary,

Another early start to the day,I got up and got ready.As soon as i got ready I darted out side and got my camera and went on a trek .I came up to a beautiful lion with its cubs they there all asleep.

so i left them i could hear rushing warter so I fushed to it.I jumpt in it but not a big jump  it was so refreshing it was incredibal . fish jumpted in my fase

As I set of to go home, i saw a wilder beast . It charge at me so i ran out the way however it was chasing a zebra                                                                                                                                          


Diary entry!!!! By Kirsty

Dear Diary,

I am so excited that today I am going to the Serengeti Park to find out more information about elephants. I thought that I saw some elephants but it was some huge rocks there, so I was very dissapointed. As the dissapointment ran through my body, I still carried on my journey. Surprisingly I saw some gigantic  smudges in the distance.  Jumping up and down with excitement, I approached them. I was so happy that I finally found them.

As I walked further and faster, I saw a magnificent collosal elephant in front of me who was eating leaves from a tree. Suddenly, in the long grass, I spotted a warthog moving very fast side to side. They were eating grass.

As I walked around I saw beautiful clear blue water, I laughed as I saw some more elephants sucking water up it’t trunk and squirting it into his mouth.

I stepped into the water to cool myself down because extremely hot. I started to cool down. I carried on walking and there  were some ostriches. They were covering themselves in dust for protection from the hot sun.

I had the best adventure in my entire life, I wish I could visit again.


Dear diary by Hannah

Dear diary ,

Another early morning , (4 am to be exact) , but I was excited . I’m overjoyed to be in the Serengeti on an exciting hunt for elephants. I headed towards the area where they had already been spotted. however , no luck. I felt quite disapointed until I heard an elephant roar , so I followed the racket In the distance , I could just about make out a saphire shimmer so I walked towards the shimmer. Then I stepped in to the icy- cold water and I felt really refreshed.

Suddenly , I heard the elephant noise again , and I got excited. I followed the noise , every time I got closer I got more excited. Soon , I found them near a lake so I took a good shot .It was wonderful. Next I saw the ostriches , I tried taking a picture but the ostriches attacked me so I knew that there were babies and I backed away.

After that, I heard in the far distance the snort of a warthog , so I sprinted like an athlete to the long grass. I inched into the long grass like a catapiler and took a picture. I had a perfect day I wish I could viset again.

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Diary Entry By Dilruba

Dear Diary,

On a beautiful sunny morning,Iwent on a safari.The first hunt I went on was for the big elephants so I took my camera with me.I could not find them but just then I did,they were  near the rocks.It was amazing how they were so strong and they had 100,ooo muscles in their trunks .So I took  a pichture of them bathing with the babt elephants.I saw orange dust on them.It was  a special dust to protect their skin from the hot sun so they could cool down.

After a while,I went to see the ostriches.They were not kind at all .I went to take a picture of them,guess what they were doing?They were flapping their wings,squarking,stamping their feet and pecking at me so I went away and took a picture.It was sad how i did not get to take a picture of  their eggs.Still it was great fun searching for the elephants and the ostriches.


My Safari Diary.By Kate.

Dear Diary

It’s another day on safari , waking up early in the morning    ( 5:30 am ) and exploring the nature of the wilderness. As I set off for my long trek , I checked what animals I would be surveying and taking photos of today. I found out I was trying to find elephants, ostriches and warthogs. Feeling confident with what I was to find, I started to explore the safari.

Finally, I found roughly ten elephants watching their young. As they trampled across the grass , I took some snap shots for the elephant article. When I got too close, the elephants guided their young away as if I was a predator. Barely putting my feet on the ground , I sprinted to another section of the safari to see if there was anything else in store for me.

When I reached the stream , I heard a loud squawking noise coming from round the corner. Hiding behind a bush, I waited to see what was coming . From round the corner , two large ostriches caught my eye as they came to browse on the grass. Moving a little forward , I took some pictures of the birds. Accidently going too far , the ostriches eye twitched to stare at me. As they pecked at me , Idecided to run away before I got injured. Sprinting away because I had  enough pictures , I found another place.

I had heard in long grass I stood an excellent chance of finding warthogs. I had to be very careful because warthogs have sharp tusks that can be deadly. WHOOSH ! Something ran past me like a racing car. Warthogs ! I ran forward to take some photos of these pig – like animals . After a few photos I left just to be on the safe side.

When it got hot and sticky I decided to take a dip in the stream. Standing in the stream , I cooled down in the freezing water. I didn’t feel nearly as h as I loved hot as before.

After an interesting , but scary day , I ran back to camp to review my photos with the writer to see what we had for the article. I was definately ready for another day tomorrow as I  loved today.




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The calf’s story.By Ismail

I am baby Jumbo and along with my mother I went for a drink of water . My mother also wanted to give me a bath. As my mother was trying to throw water over me, suddenly, out of the murky deep river a ferocious crocadile leaped in the air and grabbed my mums trunk.

My mother pushed me back to keep me safe.At this point in time,I was petrified of losing my mother , in case the crocodile injures or kills her and also that I might be next.As I was calling for help by vocalisation.

As they were alerted, a whole herd of elephants came charging down and within a split second, the crocadile was nowhere to be seen.

I felt amaized my mother was alive.


A crocadiles story by Adam

The sun’s rays are breathing down on my thick leathery body.I need to cool down, taking myself slowly and wearly to the ponds edge I slide in thankfully that the water is cool and refreshing to my sun heated body.I close my eyes and sink under the water walking on the river bead floar curling dust swirls around me.Sea weed floats across my face.

With a quick whip of my musculair tail I resurfaced and settle down to my long awatied nap,as I skimmed the top of the water.My sleep was suddenly broken by a pounding bash on the top of my head.Before I could open my eyes,I reacted physicaly by opening my humongas jaw and snap! my jaws had clamped on something soft and snake like.I opend my eyes to look at the snake,attached to the snake was a huge grey elephant.The elephant squelled in pain its baby cried.I did not want elephant today.

I opened my jaws and tasted blood as it trickled down my throat.I turned swiftly away leaving mother and baby at rivers edge.Mmmm elephant another day me thinks.

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African Elephants challenge!!! Rumaisa and Humaira

 Describe one picture of  what these  elephants are doing.   Can you?

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