Due to the fact we were on Wild Earth African Safari,we had the incredible chance to go on the Wii whilst doing unpredictable writing.We split into five groups of six which were called Photographers,Note Takers, Googlers,Descriptors and Spotters and Counters.

In the Photography group you have three minutes to get as many pictures as possible.They would be put in your recount of what happened.

As you might have guessed Note Takers is naturally taking notes that normally would get ignored.

Although Google is used a lot,Googlers allows you to research any unknown animals that the Potographers need a picture of.

As part of the Descriptors Group,you can take one whole hour if needed to describe the scene every now and again.

In Spotters and Counters you count all the animals you see and record them on a table.

You should use the Wii because it helped me to improve my writing skills and allowed have fun at the same time.The Wii is a game but a learning resorse aswell.

The Wii covers many diffrent subjects other than Litracy.It covers,I.C.T,Maths,Gograthy and other hidden subjects.I can garantee  that if you get Wild Earth African Safari 100% of your class will want to use it and will be fully engaged to thier learning.If I saw or heard of this I would defanetly ask my teacher if we could use it,don’t you agree.


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