In year 5 we are playing this game called Wild Earth African Safari and we wrote about it in literacy, it is a educated game and it is suitable for young and old ages. Although it is a game it also helps us to write our big write reports, it will also improve on our VCOP and we will get used to working together. Our levels have boomed to the top of the roof since we have been playing this game. I would guarantee that this game will improve your writing skills. This game is brilliant because when you get pictures of animals of the internet it looks fake but when you play this game the, animals are moving about and the pictures look real. Ican’t recommend this game because it is so wonderful to the class.     

For this game, we were seperated into five groups out of six. There were photographers which every three minuites we had our turn exploring the African Safari. There were also googlers where if the photographers don’t know for example a warthog they would check it on google and then let the class know, but year5 have been learning about warthogs and we know that warthogs have large shovel shaped heads. Spotters and counters were also one of them where you had to see how many ostriches there were and more different animals. Lastly, there were note takers where they would write any extra or interesting notes that we found out from the narrators whilst playing the game.

The African Safari helped us to write our non-chronological report and our diary entry.