I would just like to say how fun and educational these past few weeks in literacy have been as we have been playing on Wild Earth African Safari on the wii.

We were put into five groups with six people in each. There were the photographers, which had three minutes each to use the remote to look around the safari and when their three minnutes were up, they would go back to their tables. They would write what they have done with their time on safari. Next was the note takers which stopped, listened and watched out for things they could see. If they saw or heard anything intresting, they would jot it down on a piece of A3 paper in their neatest handwriting. The googlers reasearched anything unusual that the photographers needed to know to complete the assingment. We brought the netbooks into class and did the reasearch in the classroom. The descriptors also wrote what they saw using amazing vocabulary, similies, onomatepia and alliteration trying to make it as best as they could. Lastly, there was the spotters and counters. They used a tally chart (which is math skills) to write and count the animals they saw.

These activities allowed us to write plenty pieces of writing such as, non-chronological reports, diary entrys, homework and writing improved sentences about what we have done.