The wii By Kynan

Hello world I’m writing to all the teachers out there to encourage them to use a game console called the wii (pronounced:wee).

A game I would recommend is    <- WILD EARTH AFRICAN SAFARI it is about you going around on a safari and taking pictures for a article. On the way the narrators will tell you how to play.For each assignment there is a article packed full of information such as there is 100,000 muscles in a elephants trunk!Its learning at a new level!Also the narrators will give interesting facts such as you can track a elephant and its age by its waste!

You’re probably thinking it’s all unfair with one person hogging the wii all the time but HA! We thought about that. You can separate them into 5 groups of 6 here they are and what they do: photographers they take 3 minutes each taking the pictures that are needed, descriptors describe the animals and scenery, the note takers take,well, notes of facts that the narrator has announced , the googlers google something that they don’t understand on a net book or laptop (1 beetween 2) ,the spotters and counters spot and count animals and record them on a tally chart.Well its pretty obvious  the wii can get you’er level 3 to a level 5!