Dear Diary,

I am so excited that today I am going to the Serengeti Park to find out more information about elephants. I thought that I saw some elephants but it was some huge rocks there, so I was very dissapointed. As the dissapointment ran through my body, I still carried on my journey. Surprisingly I saw some gigantic  smudges in the distance.  Jumping up and down with excitement, I approached them. I was so happy that I finally found them.

As I walked further and faster, I saw a magnificent collosal elephant in front of me who was eating leaves from a tree. Suddenly, in the long grass, I spotted a warthog moving very fast side to side. They were eating grass.

As I walked around I saw beautiful clear blue water, I laughed as I saw some more elephants sucking water up it’t trunk and squirting it into his mouth.

I stepped into the water to cool myself down because extremely hot. I started to cool down. I carried on walking and there  were some ostriches. They were covering themselves in dust for protection from the hot sun.

I had the best adventure in my entire life, I wish I could visit again.