Dear Diary

It’s another day on safari , waking up early in the morning    ( 5:30 am ) and exploring the nature of the wilderness. As I set off for my long trek , I checked what animals I would be surveying and taking photos of today. I found out I was trying to find elephants, ostriches and warthogs. Feeling confident with what I was to find, I started to explore the safari.

Finally, I found roughly ten elephants watching their young. As they trampled across the grass , I took some snap shots for the elephant article. When I got too close, the elephants guided their young away as if I was a predator. Barely putting my feet on the ground , I sprinted to another section of the safari to see if there was anything else in store for me.

When I reached the stream , I heard a loud squawking noise coming from round the corner. Hiding behind a bush, I waited to see what was coming . From round the corner , two large ostriches caught my eye as they came to browse on the grass. Moving a little forward , I took some pictures of the birds. Accidently going too far , the ostriches eye twitched to stare at me. As they pecked at me , Idecided to run away before I got injured. Sprinting away because I had  enough pictures , I found another place.

I had heard in long grass I stood an excellent chance of finding warthogs. I had to be very careful because warthogs have sharp tusks that can be deadly. WHOOSH ! Something ran past me like a racing car. Warthogs ! I ran forward to take some photos of these pig – like animals . After a few photos I left just to be on the safe side.

When it got hot and sticky I decided to take a dip in the stream. Standing in the stream , I cooled down in the freezing water. I didn’t feel nearly as h as I loved hot as before.

After an interesting , but scary day , I ran back to camp to review my photos with the writer to see what we had for the article. I was definately ready for another day tomorrow as I  loved today.