Pie Corbett Writing Session

Tomorrow at around 2pm you will be involved in a Coveritlive writing sesion with Pie Corbett. Mr. Mitchell will be in London with Mr. Corbett and together we will produce some sensational writing.

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Can anyone help us?

This morning, at approximately 9.40am there was a strange commotion outside the Year Five classroom. The children were in assembly at the time and so did not hear it but I most certainly could! After checking it was safe, we crept outside and made an amazing discovery: a large nest on our roof. Contained in the nest were two large bones which had been stripped of their meat. It appears that the nest also contained an egg but this was found on the playground, hatched! In addition, we also found what we believe to be scales on the floor and black marks running up the wall. We have our own ideas about what has happened but urgently need experts out there to advise us as we decided to bring all the evidence into school. Was this the right thing to do? We would also like to know if there have been any other occurences like this at other schools or are we the first?

Any advice or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Your sincerely,
Miss Dackombe and Year Five

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Knock knock

Creepy crawlies at essa!

Yesterday afternoon, Year Five was invited to attend a creepy crawly extravaganza at Essa Academy. The children, although a little apprehensive at first, got stuck in and handled scorpions, snakes, frogs and a host of other animals. The children had a great afternoon and many thanks to essa for the invitation.

Creepy Crawlies on PhotoPeach


What we did with Mr Corbert!!!

With Mr corbert we researched about reptiles and Mr Corbert helped us to identifiy what our discovery was. The discovery was about the nest that was on the corner of the roof. On the wall there were black marks and there was also a red mark which felt very oily. On the floor there was a cracked egg with blood and there was also a cracked scale on the rough floor. 

 Can you help us to identify the mystery?

 By Emily 



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What we did with Pie Corbett By Huzaifa and Aadam

On Friday,year 5 worked with Mr Corbett on our amazing discovery.We believe that a dragon hatched out of the egg.With Mr Corbett we described dragons and talked to him about our discovery on cover it live.Mr Corbett is a worldwide authour and we were very fortunate to have him.

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Same old England…Huzaifa’s review

Last night England played Italy,it was going really well until extra time where England were on the back foot at all times.England conceded a goal however it was offside.Then the match went on to a penalty shootout, England’s Ashley Cole and Ashley Young missed and that meant Italy would go on and play Germany In the semi finals.Once again,England out on penalties.

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The solersistem By Hannah and Kirsty.


Only recommended for the hardest visitors. Venus’s atmosphere is deadly poisonous and so horribly heavy it would squash your flat in seconds.


You’ll easily spot this particular planet because of it’s ghastly , greenish tinge.This comes from mouldy methane gas in it’s awful atmosphere.


For serious sun- worshippers, Mercury might be the planet for you. It’s so horribly close to the sun that daytime temperatue can reach a scorching 427 degrees.


Saturn is another  old gas bag , but it’s well worth a visit for a view of its shimering rings. Each one’s made up of millions of bits of sparkling ice and rock.


The perfect planet for you if you happen to be a human. Actully, it is the ONLY planet with the air and water to stay alive!


There’s loads to see on Jupiter-it’s over 1,300 times the size of the Earth.Unfortunatly , there’s no solid surface to stand on -only a great big ball of gas.


Nicknamed the ‘ Red Planet ‘ , it’s famous for it’s pretty pink scenery. Trouble is, after you seen a few 100 dusty, red rocks, you’ve seen them all.

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An amazing discovery. By Kira, Aaminah and Sumayr.

Mrs Verona Gridley,

We have found out that there is no soot on the wall. But a bit of blackness rubs off onto your fingers. However it isn’t a substance its like charcoal instead. We also have lots more information for you.

Inside the nest were half-eaten meat with bones in. Also we found that here was some red marks at the side of the black marks. Well, not exactly next to it about 30 cm away from the black marks. We all thought it was blood but we would like your opinion on what you think it is. Also there was a egg on the floor a purple egg that had hatched. Inside there was a jammy substance. This is a picture of what it is.

 I hope that you can reply.

 From Kira, Aaminah and Sumayr.


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What we think about the discovery by Amy and Jake.

Dear Alison Lones,

We also think that it is a Dragon as many people have agreed with it. We experimented the black marks and we thought that it smelt like paint. Futhur up the wall, we saw what looked like red marks on the wall as well. We thought that it could have been blood…

It would have been a good idea to keep inside but we already brought it in. There is lots of signs of a Dragon and we can’t wait to experiment even more about the amazing discovery. It is so very exiting and Year 5 are so lucky that this is on our classroom roof. Jake says that it could have come from the woods because there was too many hunters and it could have come specially to give birth.

Amy says that it could have been flying to the nearest tree but it accidently fell and the egg was ready to hatch so maybe the creature had to build the nest on the nearest spot because the egg was hatching early. So maybe the creature wasn’t planning to build it’s nest there but they had to do it in emergancy of the egg hatching. 

Thankyou so very much for commenting on Year5′s mystery post and we hope that maybe you could take your time to reply to this post and maybe help us with some more evidence about this amazing discovery.

We so very appreciate that you have took your time and helped us to find out more information of what could be nesting and making itself comfortable on our classroom roof.

Thank you for reading this post, By Amy & Jake :) x

An amazing discovery. By Hannah and Humaira

Dear Miss Sumner,

We have investigated this mystery and we have discovered many more things. Thank you for showing it to your year 2 class. However , we have a different opinion. We think that it is a… DRAGON!!!Also the black marks are there because the dragon breathed fire on to the wall.  Please help us to solve this mystery and comment again.       

THANK YOU  !!!!!!















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What We Think About the Discovery. By Matthew and Kate.

Dear Clive Nutton, in our opinion we think it is a dragon and because of the black marks , we think it is a fire breathing dragon. Maybe we should find out more about it.


Do you have any more ideas on what we can do to try and attract the mother and the baby back ?

We are all not sure what to do. Do you think we should attract them by food? We are doing a lot of research to see if an egg like this has been discovered before.

Please help us with our amazing mystery. Comment on our posts if you have found anything out.




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Pie Corbett Mystery Eggs Session

We are very lucky to have Pie Corbett join us for a live Coveritlive session where he will not only help us with our writing, but will also help us to discover more about the eggs and nest we found on Wednesday. this session will run from 1:15pm – 2:15pm on Friday afternoon:

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An amazing discovery by Alice and Rumaisa

Dear Trisha Neal,

We have found out that reptiles do have scales or have a bony external plate such as a shell. So we think you are right about the idea that the mystery animal is a reptile. Also, another fact we have found out is that non-birds don’t have nests.

When we went outside to where the black print was and felt it. The texture of the black print felt very oily and we also saw some red spludges on the wall too. We think this is from the same animal.

As well as seeing the egg, we saw that inside of it was a bit of blood and a yellow spludge which none of us know what it could be.


A few facts that could tell us that the animal is a reptile

  • Reptiles are found in every continent except Antarctica (where it is too cold).

  • Most reptiles lay eggs which have leathery shells that are resistant to drying.

  • Most reptiles are carnivorous and eat insects, other reptiles, and small animals.


 Here is a possible reptile (the Komodo dragon) that laid the eggs.The longest one was measured at around 10 feet or  3.048m.

We hope that you can reply by commenting on our post.

From Alice and Rumaisa


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Will.I.Am with the Olympic flame. By Hannah

The Black Eyed Peas singer ran with the torch for a mile through the west country town of Taunton yesterday.

Will, 37, was the 109th runner in the 70-day 8,000 mile torch relay.

The American star, real name William James Adams Jr, posted photos of his run and crowds thronging the route on his Twitter account.

He wrote: “Its nuts here in taurton…so much excitement.”

He also posted: “Crazy energy in the UK.”

And added: “1nce in a life time experience #runningthetorch in the uK…”

Will.i.am said he had known he would be in the torch relay for almost a year, but was told to keep quiet.

“I knew for almost a year now but I was told not to tweet about it,” he said.

“I tweet a lot, so I really had to keep my tweet shut. I can control certain tweets.

“There are some secrets that are coming in the near future that I can’t tweet about or say.”

His moonwalk was in honour of his friend Michael Jackson.

“I was tweeting through the whole run. I started this thing called ’tweet the torch.

“I moonwalked on the torch run. I was thinking ’me and Michael’ … I don’t want to Tom Jones it right now.

“Me and Mike were really close and he would have been proud that I ran the torch, so I thought why not moonwalk it a couple of steps while running with the torch.”

He said he was enjoying The Voice so much he wanted to stay in London after the BBC show finished.

“I knew I was going to have a good time but I didn’t know I was going to have this much fun,” he said.

“I didn’t think it was going to be this life changing and I didn’t think I wanted to stay in London forever.”

The fashion-conscious star, who has his own clothing label, confessed today was the first time he had worn a tracksuit.

“This is the first time I wear a tracksuit – you never see me in a tracksuit,” he said.

“So this is the first time and what an occasion to get tracksuited up for.”

As Will.i.am spoke on the balcony of the Sir Ian Botham Stand at Somerset County Cricket Ground, hundred of fans cheered him on from the pitch.

The star turned and waved and thanked everyone for their support and said he would not be selling his torch on eBay, like some torchbearers have done.

“In my house the decorum is gold and brown, so this is going to sit right on my wall,” he said.

“I don’t eBay.”

Will.i.am described carrying the torch as “different” to some of the other accolades in his music career.

“This is top notch. I have got Grammys and stuff but this is different,” he said.

He said that he planned to go into a music studio and make a “mash-up” of his torch run.

“I had some video cameras that were recording me running the torch, so I am going to do a video to my moonwalk moment,” he said.

“So I am thinking about doing a little Olympic mash-up.”

West country rockers Muse carried the flame through their home town.

Matt Bellamy, 33, Dominic Howard, 34, and Christopher Wolstenholme, 33, excited the crowds in Teignmouth, Devon, on Sunday.



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Max is back !!!

I can’t believe it ,Max is back!!! We are soooooooooooooooooooo glad to have Max back in our school.Everyday we use to think of max when we were playing football as Max loved football. I would just like to say this dialogue,  when Max is here not to fear. Thank you Max for coming back. You may want to live in Australia again but we will not let that happen.You have to make a promise that you will never leave us again,neveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!! Do you understand, I think you have.

                                                                                                        BY SUMAYR


Grasmere!!!! By Rumaisa

Grasmere is a beautiful village right in the heart of the Lake District National Park. Grasmere lake lies to the south of the village.  Grasmere was once the house of a famous poet named William Wordsworth.Also in the centre of Grasmere is St. Oswalds Church, the churchyard of which contains the Wordsworth family graves.


  Grasmere sells the most tastiest ginger breads, here is the recipe:                                                

  • 125g  Oatmeal
  • 125g Plain flour
  • 4 tsp Ground ginger
  • 1 tsp Bicarbonate of soda 
  • 1 tsp Cream of tartar
  • 175g butter
  • 150g brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp golden syrup

Preparation method

  1. Preheat the oven to Gas 4. Grease and line an oblong baking tin with greaseproof paper.
  2. Mix together the oatmeal, plain flour, ground ginger, bicarbonate of soda and cream of tartar in a bowl.
  3. Melt the butter over a low heat in a small saucepan, then add to the dry ingredients and mix well. Mix in the sugar and golden syrup until well combined.
  4. Pour the mixture into the tin in a thin layer and press down lightly with the back of a wooden spoon. Bake for 30-40 minutes, or until golden-brown.
  5. Allow to cool slightly, then mark into 3cm/1½in squares. Leave to cool before slicing into squares.



Euro 2012 kicks off!!By Huzaifa

On Friday the euros kicked off with Poland playing Greece,It was a great match and I watched it all.It looks like it is going to be a great tournament.Tonight England are playing France,hopefully they will win  and maybe go on to win the whole tournament.You never know,it could be glory for England.                                    

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My Holiday.By Kate

On the 25th of May , me and my family went to Walt Disney World Florida. We were staying at Fairfield Inn. It took us 8 hrs to get there by plane but the entertainment was great. There were around 35 movies to choose from. I watched Johnny English Reborn , War Horse and Twilight Breaking Dawn. There were about 20 albums to choose from. I listened to One Direction, JLS and Demi Lovato. There were about 25 TV shows and 15 channels to choose from. There was a section to call someone on the plane and you just typed in their seat number and you could speak through the remote. When we got off another plane had landed so it took an hour to get through passport control. After that , there was a fire on the road so we had to wait another hour and it took us fifteen minutes to get to our hotel. When we got there they had us booked for one room instead of two connecting rooms so we got two separate rooms but one was being clean so it was 10 pm before we got our rooms.

On the second day we went to Magic Kingdom. It was a 15 minute bus ride there and then we had to take a 5 minute monorail to the actual park. We first fast passed what we wanted to go on but we queued for Splash Mountain. My sister and I got very wet on it. Our favourite ride , Big Thunder Mountain, was closed. We queued up for Space Mountain as well and my sister loved it.

On the third day we went to Epcot. We first got a fast pass for Soarin. Then we went on Mission Space. It is a simulator that takes you to Mars. We then went on Soarin and it is a very good simulator. We watched shows and went around the different countries. We also went on Space Ship Earth. It takes you around a building that tells you about what has happened since the earth started , then it takes your photo, you answer some questions and then it puts you into the future.

On the fourth day we went to Animal Kingdom. We all went on Expedition Everest and my sister loved it. We went on a safari trip and saw a lot of different animals. We also got a fast pass for Kali River Rapids but because of the tropical storm it was shut.

On the fifth day we went to Aquatica and we went on big scary slides. They were called dolphin plunge, omacka rocka, whanau way, walhalla wave, tassie twister, hooroo run, tauma racer and the river rapids. It was raining so there was hardly anyone there and we went on the slides about five times. We went in a pool and every fifteen minutes the lifeguard would say surfs up and big waves would appear and everyone got soaked.

On the sixth day we went to Hollywood Studios. It was my sister’s first time on rock n roller coaster and she loved it. We watched Muppet Vision, Disney Channel Rocks and Beauty and the Beast. We met quite a few characters. We went on tower of terror and it was great. They were our main two rides.

On the seventh day we went to Magic Kingdom again and met a lot of characters. We got a fast pass for Big Thunder Mountain and then went on it. Splash Mountain was closed but it then opened and I got soaked.We queued up to see Merida from Brave. We also queued up to see two characters from Tinkerbell. I queued up for an hour to go on Space Mountain with Dad and Grace.

On the eighth day we went to Animal Kingdom and did all the things we love. We managed to get on the river rapids. We went home half way through the day and it was chucking it down.

On the ninth day it was our rest day in the pool. I met a friend and we both got very sunburnt. My Dad didn’t put any cream on his face because at golf it is sunny so he is used to it. At the end of the day he had a tomato face.

On the tenth day we went to Epcot and we did what was best. We did a character meeting and we queued up for 40 minutes.There was an innoventions place and we did a piggy bank video. You did challenges to earn money for something. There was also a weather game were you decided what you needed in a storm and if they had that object you had to place it in the right place. My favourite was the build your own roller coaster simulator. You got to choose three steps and then you got into a robotic arm and it moves side to side and up and down.

On the eleventh day we went to Seaworld and for the first time I went on Manta and Kraken.This is Manta.

This is Kraken.

We went on to Journey to Atlantis and I got soaked. We went to the sting rays and me and my sister touched them all. We all watched a 3D show called Turtle Trek. My favourite show was the whales and the dolphins show. I wasn’t allowed to sit in the splash zone at the Shamu show. My favourite rides were Manta and Kraken. I got to feed the dolphins and I loved it. Sea world is my favourite park.

On the last day we went to hollywood studios for a bit and went on rock n roller coaster and tower of terror again. We then went to downtown disney and had an ice cream. We then went to our hotel and collected our luggage. We then got a taxi to the airport and had our tea. When we got on the plane I looked at the entertainment and it was terrible. It was eight am before we got back. We drove back to my house and unfortunately my fish was dead. We then went to sleep for 3 hours.

I loved my holiday and we are going there again just not in that hotel.

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Pie Corbett Session 1

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Probability by kynan and matthew

This game is a fun way to learn probability!

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Tuesday … AGAIN

As the sun goes down and the moon is rising something else is rising as well.. Mice squeak a the floor falls further away. Out of the window they flew.

 Above the puny houses,they flew, in search with on thing on their mind.CHEESE! Luckily there was a cheese factory near by. The mice swam taking big gulps of the cheese while doing the mousey paddle. After nearly exploding there little (but now fat) bodies they thought a nice rest would do them good.

Do you remember the old ladywhom had met the frogs? Well she was in for a even bigger suprise! They floated slowly into the house and sat on her lap , drank her coco and wachted “How to make the perfect cheese”. Soon the mice left leaving cheese on her remote!

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Did you know ??? By Afisa Khan .

Did you know that mount everest is the highest mountain in the world.

what’s my numder????? Hannah

Hi world can you guess what my number is??? Here it is.

I’m thinking of a mumber I add 12 , times it by 2 and take 9 my number now is 83 what was my first number????


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